Some projects

Metaerse > IOS ANDROID App + Platform

Instagoalreplay > Software for football TV events

Bmedical care > Website

Italian Distance Learning> E-commerce

Bassett AR> App IOS Android

Loopler> App IOS and Android

Palzola> E-Commerce + consultancy + social

JackWolf> E-Commerce

Zenais> ADV campaign

Diffuse hospitality consortium > YouTube campaign

Passepartout> ADV campaign

ApplyWeb > PWA Application

Hasci > Website

Totomercato> IOS and Android apps

Giovi> MAC and PC configurator app

Alfonso Agresti Real Estate> Site

Corporate logo> 3D, vector

ToshibaMyClima> AR systems installation


“We have been collaborating with Massimo Carboni and the Stranaofficina staff for several years. With them we have created a series of applications for language teaching and a platform dedicated to digital and self-taught learning of the Italian language.

Furthermore, Massimo and his team take care of our Google marketing campaigns with excellent results. Competence, availability, clarity in making the technical content comprehensible and friendliness of the interlocutors make the collaboration with Stranaofficina ideal for our personal characteristics and our professional objectives.”

Passepartout Italian language school


“It was a perfect professional synchronization at first sight. We had Massimo create a platform and then an extremely complex app for the creation and configuration of industrial closing and opening products with many variables. The application manages to work in the field even in places without network coverage and then update the entire complex system as soon as it is connected to the communication network. In this way the customer not only receives a quote but also the exact measurements, colors and dimensions of the product. The product has been translated into 3 languages.”

Giovi srl

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